Steven Y. Wong


October 25, 2018 – January 9, 2019

The artists in Here are diverse in nature and practice yet they share a strong connection to Los Angeles. Through the work of these seventeen artists, Here examines the shifting physical, conceptual and imagined boundaries and borders in and around this metropolis. Their works explore, challenge, re-imagine and implicate boundaries  through various media and modes of presentation – to uncover the bounded and unbounded landscapes that make up the city of Angels.

Here features work by: Heimir Björgúlfsson, Sandra de la Loza, Gajin Fujita, Gloria Galvez, iris yireihu, Annetta Kapon, Patrick Martinez, Jane C. Mi, Alison O’Daniel, Renée Petropoulos, Nancy Popp, Umar Rashid, Sandy Rodriguez, Anna Sew Hoy, Fran Siegel, Henry Taylor and Mario Ybarra Jr.

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