Steven Y. Wong


HERE (2018)

Exploring Boundaries with HERE - Review by Patrick Quinn for Art and Cake

Getting to HERE - Interview by Anuradha Vikram for X-TRA

Diverse Artists Navigate Boundaries - Review by Annabel Osberg for ÆQA

Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery (LAMAG) - Review by Raleigh Barrett for

COLA (2018)

Join the New C.O.L.A. Fellowship of Artists at Barnsdall and Grand Performances - Review by Shana Nys Dambro for the LA Weekly

COLA 2018 Review by Jody Zellen for Artillery Magazine

L.A. gave local artists $10,000 grants. See what they did with them at Barnsdall Art Park - Review by Makeda Easter for the Los Angeles Times

CCCCA (2017)

Circuits of Culture: Caribbean Art in the Latin American Diaspora - Review by Anuradha Vikram for X-TRA

Pacific Standard Time turns to one overlooked group in Latin America: Asian immigrants, Review by Scarlet Cheng for the Los Angeles Times

Circles and Circuits I & II: Chinese Caribbean Art- Review by Molly Enhorn for Fabrik

The Colorful Legacy of the Chinese Caribbean Diaspora - Review by Monica Uszerowicz for Hyperallergic

Circles and Circuits- Review by I.A.Choudhury for Panorama: Journal of the Association of Historians of American Art

ROOTS (2017)

The Making of a Movement - Review by Lilian Min for the LA Weekly

Before Asian Americans could be 'woke,' they had to shed the 'Oriental' label - Review by Frank Shyong for the Los Angeles Times

LA HEAT (2014)

Critic's Pick by Annie Buckley for Art Forum

'L.A. Heat': Finally, an art exhibit devoted to Sriracha and Tapatio sauces, Javier Cabral. The Los Angeles Times

An Art Show Dedicated Entirely To Hot Sauce Is Making Our Spicy Dreams Come True - Review by Priscilla Frank, The Huffington Post

Hot Stuff: L.A.'s Cross-Cultural Condiments, review by Carren Jao for KCET’s Artbound

Hot Sauce Art: LA Museum Honors Sriracha and Tapatio, review by Sam Dean for NPR

7 Secret Sriracha Recipes You Can Only Find at L.A.’s Hot Sauce Art Show, review by Jennifer Swann for the LA Weekly


PST, A to Z: 'Breaking Ground' at Chinese American Museum - Review by Sharon Mizota for the Los Angeles Times

Chinese American Architects Were Vital to Los Angeles' Growth - Review by Karen Wada for the Los Angeles Times

Breaking Ground' at Chinese American Museum Shows That Not All L.A. Architects Are Old, White Dudes - Review by Wendy Gilmartin for the LA Weekly


Artists Sound Off on Immigration Reform Amid Dream Act's Failure Ventura County Star, January 6, 2011

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